Book Review: Chess Endings - Y. Averbakh

Dec 7, 2013, 12:09 AM |

Chess Endings: Essential Knowledge

A slim pamphlet, originally written in 66 by Russian GM Yuri Averbakh, to give a covering of the basic end game patterns essential for club-level players.  This is logically ordered into various types of end game and then practical examples from actual games.  My main problem with this book is the old-school notation i.e. 1. K - B5, K - Kt5; 2 K-Q6 K- R1 3 K-B6.  I guess we can all work through this i.e 1. King to the 5th square on the bishop's file (always from the perspective of the player who has the move) but just be aware if you're used to algebraic notation.  Anyway here's an example from the section on King, Minor Piece and Pawn versus King.


"...However, with Black to move, the white King is condemned to "life imprisonment" for, after ..."

Again this is another book you can pick up cheap second hand online.

Has anyone else got this book?  It was recommended on which @hicetnunc has written for.  I think that's the link although my laptop can't seem to get to it right now: