OTB: First congress

Mar 1, 2014, 2:22 PM |

I'm posting this midway through my first congress, consisting of a swiss tournament of 5 rounds over the weekend.  Will be doing analysis as I go along - I'm in the U120 ECF rating section.  

My first game was against a higher rated opponent - see below.

So after a sandwich I was feeling a little worried that the rest of the competition would be one long drubbing.  Somewhat dismayed to find the pairing left me without an opponent - but I got to play someone from the higher rated section who was also unpaired, who actually was just a 119 - just under the rating ceiling for my section.  So with trepidation I sat down, reasoning that, as one of the lowest rated players in the competition I could expect a number of crushing defeats against higher rated opponents, even with the swiss system.

Fatigue was probably setting in for everyone by game 3, many having taken a half-point bye.   So rating levels were even more mixed up and I got yet another game against a higher rated opponent.

So far so good - perhaps the novelty value of it being my first spurring me on and perhaps opponents underestimating me a little.  Would be interested to hear about anything i've missed in these games.