Me vs the World 2.5-0.5

Nov 21, 2009, 12:07 AM |

You can read a prelude about Me vs the World in my previous blog. Now after a week I got plenty of time of adventure around the virtual world, looking for a chess opponent. I started a challenge from Eastern Asia region and here the three first results.

Me vs Mongolia, quite a good selection of opponent from Mongolia and I ended with one gentlemen with 1600+ rating point. The games was quite funny, I started with a Scandinavian defence as Black and White somehow blundered a pieces early in the opening. Not such a serious game but ,yeah, every game counted in!

The next one is perhaps one of my most prouded game. It is me vs Taiwan. The opponent is about 1700+ strenght. I started as Black in Sicilian and here the game went.

Last for today post is my game vs Vietnam. I challenge one nice lady (from her avatar) in my first try, but she time out for a week (but I waiting patiently and we still keep playing). So I challenge another very strong opponent of 1900+ strenght. The game also in Sicilian and I blundered a pawn in late phase of opening . Finally I must struggle with a perpetual check to get a draw with White's pawn just a square away to be promoted.

 Overall : Me vs the World 2.5-0.5

Meanwhile I still playing against China (very strong 1450+ player), South Korea, Myanmar and Cambodia. I still have one challenge not yet approved to North Korea opponent. I hope I can play him as it was a difficult time to find my desired opponent. And also I still looking for a player from Laos. I know some member who active by Laos flag but they are perhaps an expatriate, so I like to see a native Laotian! Thanks for reading and see you again next blog.