Me vs The World 4.5-4.5

Dec 13, 2009, 1:19 AM |

Two weeks past but the score only slightly change. In the last three games the score still equal 4.5-4.5. First is my embarassing lost to North Korea opponent. The game went smooth and looks interesting past the opening but suddenly I put a rook en prize and I decided to close the game.







Only 10 moves, and I just played Rb1?? Game over.

The next is a game against Cambodia mistress. She quickly lost in wrong exchange and I get a full pieces. But a weak play by Black allow her to back in the game. Only due to last blunder that I can get a full point.


The last for this week is a game against Nepal. I again get a promising opening. But a wrong aggresive move cost me almost a game. In the end I was in losing endgame but my opponent also play some innacuracy.







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