Me vs the World 3-3

Nov 28, 2009, 1:32 AM |

Not a lucky time this week. My latest three games only get me 0.5 point. I lost a game against 2100 rated from Myanmar. He started with f4 and I quickly out of opening.


My next lost is an upset in term of rating. I played a 1450 rated China player. Since so many Chinese playing I just jumped in who online at the moment and supported by nice avatar, (yeeeahh), I challenge this lady. It is a Benoni like game and Black slowly dominated a space and force White to play helpless situation most of time.


Last game is against 1700 rated Thailand player. I quickly make a premature attack and a pawn down. But some passive play allowed white a hope for a draw.

Me vs the World 5-5. See first week blog here.