Me vs the World 7.5-5.5

Dec 25, 2009, 4:56 PM |

Merry Christmas for everyone , may peace and joy fill everyone heart.

Now let see again some intrique games with lot of tactic and eat eat eat.

FIrst is a game agaisnt Laos opponent. He is a Brit teacher residing in Laos. The game is a second re match since the first was un normal game since my opponent played it while watching soccer, which is also a Laos vs Indonesia one! Since Indonesia lost the soccer game we decided to setup a re match to decided who can laugh at last.

The game start with gambit 1.d4 e5 and quickly went to interesting game:

Next game is me against Hong Kong 2500 rated master. I quickly went to very basic trap of QGD. So just see how pathetic is if you fall to the same trap.
Next is very interesting game againt Bangladesh opponent. I get a free pawn and then an exchange of Queen for several minor pieces. Then with combination of two rooks and bishop vs queen I managed to put black king surrender right beside his loyal queen.
Fourth game for today is vs the South Korea opponent. He is the same 1800 rated. I am white and quickly get into lost post opening exchange. But somehow Black mis seeing the losing continuation and white get upper hand with rook vs bishop in the endgame.
and that's it for this week. Me vs the World 7.5 - 5.5. Have a nice holiday! see also