Who got the most medals in 2010?

Jan 21, 2011, 3:49 AM |

Who gets the most medals in 2010? Here a link to CHESS HALL OF FAME 2010 ,that listed most of notable chess events world wide. Although the page only serves as a list of compilation, but with a little searching function, we can search for example Magnus Carlsen. He got, at least, six trophy in this year: London Chess Classic, Nanjing Pearls, Arctic Security, Bazna King, Amber Tournament and Corus Group A. Which is an impressive result.

Or a curiousity on ... Hikaru Nakamura ? He got about two, OSLO BNBANK Blitz and overall best player in NH Rising star vs Experience event. Of course it was harder to track event in US because mostly the event did not appeared in major chess reporting site, so I am sure a lot of missed of Nakamura's medal collection from US event.

Trivia :
Anand had none, or one if the duel with Topalov counted
Topalov got one prestigious Linares medal
Aronian got one in Tal Memorial
Kramnik also one in Bibao Master

see again = http://red-white-chess.blogspot.com/2010/01/chess-hall-of-fame-2010.html