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Android Chess Endings App

Android Chess Endings App

Jan 7, 2012, 10:29 AM 1

One aspect of chess that I think is the most overlooked area is endgames. If you just look on the amount of chess books available on amazon you will find that the number of chess books/dvds on openings stand at more than 2500 items will chess endings are about 400-500 items. 

It's kind of funny because most strong players I have talked to (GM's and IM's) tell me that if you are below 1800 ELO openings is not really that important. Sure, know the basics and have something ready for the most common moves such as c4,d4,e4 but you will not often win or lose a game solely based on the opening play. Look at middle games and endgames they tell me.

I often find myself travelling and I don't want to carry around dozens of endgame books so I thought it could be cool to have some reference app for the most basic and some not-so-basic endgames available on my mobile phone. 

Well, I could not find a single app on Android market for that! Not one. So, I decided to create one myself. I had some code I could reuse from another app I created and I decided to include 25 different endings - all with comments in English giving a tutorial on how to play those endings. 

I put a substantial amount of work into it, so the app is not free - but it's cheap! Basically, creating apps is a hobby for me as a trained computer scientist, but I hope somebody else can use the apps!

So if you are interested take a look at android market: Just search for "Chess Endings" and it should be among the top hits. Have fun!

Or you can check it out at this link:


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