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Android Chess Openings App

Android Chess Openings App

Nov 16, 2011, 6:45 AM 4

So it's been 4 months since my last blog post here. As you may have read from my previous blog post I am interested in chess and computers. My last blog post was on the topic of chess apps for Android. I was complaining about the lack of useful chess apps on android marked.

Sure, there are some good apps for playing against the computer - I personally like the Shredder App and there is also one great database app for storing your games (called Scid on the go). 

But concerning stuff like opening practice or endgame practise I could not find any apps that I really liked. So I started to make an app for exactly that purpose myself! I decided that to have an opening encyclopedia with all major openings and variations in one simple app would be kind of cool.

Aftera LOT of programming I ended up with something I think is useful and I decided to put it on Android Market for others to download (it's not free, but very cheap, especially considering the amount of time I spent on it....)

It contains more than 2000 opening variations and you can write your own notes about any of them and you can also share variations, position diagrams with friends and create bookmarks of your favourite variations. Here are a few screenshots from it.

If you are interested check it out on Android market ( search for "chess openings") and I would love to hear some feedback from the chess community in order to make it even better!
























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