My chess Experience

Aug 23, 2011, 3:11 AM |

Well, why do I play chess? any suitable answers? nope! I just play and that's all I can say.

I leant chess at the age of 8 from my mother. Though she do not play this game very well. She taught me about pieces and basic rules. And my first 'enemy' was my father. He was an average player with attacking mood. In earlier moments I just lose to him very frequently. But with time, my winning percentage against him began to increase rapidly! And I became one of the strongest players in the locality of some region of Khulna, Bangladesh. I was then 12 only and won a tournament where no age restriction applied to participate tn that tournament! Then I left chess for study! :( Now at 30, I have started chess again and premium membership is a gift from my beloved wife as a small part of wedding as she came to know that I enthuse chess since I was a kid!

Well, I was not familiar with chess notations, openings and other chess jargons at that time. Still today I feel that I don't know some basic techniques of chess. I just play and want to learn, but can't memorize all the good moves I play and I watch! Wish I could manage time to play good chess.

I have created this blog just to enlist some of my 'interesting' and 'comical' games on

Oh! I forgot to mention that I found this site from a Bangla blog to participate a bloggers tourney! But the final match never saw light due to some reasons!