Norwegian music for chess study

Dec 10, 2013, 8:41 PM |

I especially enjoy Circus Maximus for chess study.  To get better at chess you must Isolate in a room for hours and focus each move as if your life depended on it.

3. Wither

It's late at night, I watch the stars shine
I plead forgiveness
I sit alone and watch a candle burn
Forgotten memories, I rise to make my turn
I stand alone and watch the moonlight
The last I remember the world was cold as ice
Gaze at the clock, it's nearly midnight
Wait for sunrise, that's when I'll go on

When love fades away
The hardest part is being all alone
And there's nothing you can do

Now as the night it slowly fades
I can not reveal my pain, because of greed
My wrists will bleed for one last struggle
In pain...
Please forgive me for what I have done
Now the end is upon me
You could not reveal the signs as I drifted away
Wither like a flower

When love faded away
The hardest part was being left alone
Was there something you can do

When you look into my eyes
I don't see it
I get this feeling I can't break through
You could've caught me to break my fall
Thought I had nothing to lose...

I assumed that you knew the reason why
And you know that there should be someone there to hold you in my arms tonight
Maybe you will know the reason why
But for now you'll move on alone, I believe in you...
Yeah, I believe in you!

It's got to be...
It's got to be forever
Thought I had nothing to lose...