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Beating Little Chess Partner (hard)

Feb 23, 2009, 2:40 AM 4

I've seen a lot of articles here talking about LCP (hard) and discussing about how strongly it plays.  People have varying opinions, but it seems to me that people overrate it grossly.  I'm a 1850 USCF and I would beat it nearly 100% of the time in a tournament game (I've played it quickly several times and usually can beat it basically blitzing moves).  I think the reason people overrate it is because it doesn't drop pawns or pieces easily, i.e. it won't overlook anything hanging or very simple tactics.  The fact is though, I'm sure most 1400's can out-calculate it easily if they take a little time; the depth in the evaluation is very low.  Here's how I checkmated it in 27 moves as white:  Close the position, the computer won't know what to do.  Attack its king-side, checkmate the king.  It works as black too, of course.  Here's my game:


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