Chess and Life

Dec 12, 2010, 9:51 AM |

Chess is life.  Life is chess.

My mantra?  Lately, for sure.  Chess has been my life for the past coupla years. May have a little addiction problem going on, but oh well... Absolutely love the game,  the challenges it presents, and I must say I enjoy the social interaction that playing online offers.  Meet some interesting folk on  Though I may have encountered rude and unseemly characters at times, by far, most of my encounters have been most pleasant and productive, to the both of us, I hope.

Currently, I'm writing from my hospital room, anticipating a 3-vessel bypass in three more days.  Have to be weaned off of my blood-thinner first.  Thought I was dying the other night, so I'm so grateful to be given another opportunity at life.  As a retired RN who used to care for critically ill cardiac patients, this perspective is so different.  Kinda odd that my career choice would one day enable me to understand my own health issues so.  No coincidences.

I plan on coming back.  Made many friends here, and I plan on making many more.  But I know, full well, that there are risks...I'm not afraid of death;  my faith runs counter to that concept.  No fear.  My God will take care of me;  I am safe in His arms, and the arms of my Lord.

Life is so precious.  One day maybe I'll share more about how precious it is to me.  My family is my life;  I have a wonderful, loving daughter and grandson.  Teaching my grandson chess:  have lots of work to do yet. 

Asking for positive thoughts and prayers!  Hope to be back to playing soon!