Game: Tactics exercise paying off

Apr 14, 2010, 9:51 PM |

Lately I've been dabbling with a ton of tactics puzzles and trying a lot of new ideas ingame, im still a weak player, and my brother plays alot like i do (he is my opponent in this game).
I was real happy lately when i've been having quite a bit of sucess in my recent games with the tactical ideas actually working out decent, my game is still swiss cheese but ive been very satisfied with my gains over the past couple of weeks and this game was one that i dont get to play together very often and it was a good feeling to win. At the same time though, the puzzles and struggle with longer calculations was starting to really get frustrating since im a person that works fast, expects results and takes it out on myself if im not catching on real quick. With the hard effort to learn, it was getting to be kind of burdensome especially since i love playing much higher ranked persons and they completely slay me.
so dont give up on learning and honing those skills! seeing it pay off can be right around the corner.