How to punish bringing out the queen early

Jul 11, 2015, 4:58 PM |

Everyone knows that conventional wisdoms says not to bring out the queen early, but what do you do if someone does? I tend to write them off as an inexperienced player. Half the time I'm right and I win without breaking a sweat, and the other half they take advantage of my mindset and prey on my sloppy defense, and my attitude towards them makes it that much worse when I lose.


Bringing the queen, the second most valuable piece, into play early is a bad idea because it can be kicked around or lost while the other side develops lesser pieces as normal. If someone brings out a queen on move 2 or 3 and you want to make sure they regret it, the first thing to do is check what attacks the queen is capable of that move, because if there's a crack in your defenses, the queen can cause serious damage.

Here's a live game I just won where my opponent was too overzealous with the queen.


I'll leave the mate in 2 as a puzzle.