Results from Saturday's Tournament

Apr 11, 2010, 2:18 PM |

Hi. I was the creator of the Najdorf series. I decided to stop at the English Attack because I haven't received many comments and I've decided that it's simply not worth it.

Anyway, on the Saturday of April 10, 2010, I participated in a five round tournament. I have decided beforehand to use the English exclusively as white during the tournament. Anyway, here are the games.

Round 1


I was quite satisifed that I was able to excel in the endgame thanks to Silman's book.

Round 2

 I recalled that my opponent in round 2 was the same opponent I had in last year's tournament.

Round 3


I was quite glad that I got the book "The Art of Attack" after round 3.

Round 4


After my heavy loss in round 4, I walked in the hallway of the hotel that it was taking place in and I turned on my ipod to listen to Survivor-Eye of the Tiger. It helped a little.

Round 5

I was so surprised and at the same time, so relieved, after round five. My opponent was supposed to win. Why did he crack? What happened?
In total, I had three wins, two losses, but that was enough to get me into first place of the U1400 category. Therefore, I received $25 prize money. Plus, I raised my USCF rating of 753 to 888. That was such a memorable day.