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The Najdorf Explained (6.Bc4 with 7.Bb3)

Feb 19, 2010, 2:42 PM 0

Hello. In my last blog, I explained two of white's three options, A) 7.a3, B) 7.a4. Today we are going to analyze white's most popular choice, C) 7.Bb3.

C) 7.Bb3


Now, white has four options, with the lowest being the most popular.

C1) 8.Qe2

C2) 8.f4

C3) 8.Bg5

C4) 8.0-0

We will see lines C1) and C2) today, and leave C3) and C4) for tomorrow, for they have plenty of continuations after that.

C1) 8.Qe2


C2) 8.f4


Next time, we will look at white's two more popular options of 8.Bg5 and 8.0-0. That is all for today. If you would like to ask me anything about the Najdorf, just type your questions below.

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