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The Najdorf Explained (6.Bc4 with 7.Bb3 continued)

Feb 20, 2010, 12:37 PM 0

Hello. In my last blog, I analyzed white's two of four continuations after 7.b5 from black. We have seen: C1) 8.Qe2 and C2) 8.f4. Today we are just going to look at line C3) 8.Bg5. This is one of white's sharpest variations to play, so black has to play extra carefully, or the black king's head might roll.

C3) 8.Bg5


Now, black has two options, with the lowest being the most popular.

C31) 9.Qb6

C32) 9.Qc7



C31) 9.Qb6


C32) 9.Qc7


In my next blog, I will look at white's most popular continuation after 7.e6, which is 8.0-0.

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