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The Najdorf Explained (6.Bc4 with 9.Qf3 and 9.Qb6)

Feb 21, 2010, 3:21 PM 1

Hello. In my last blog I analyzed black's option of choice A) 9.Qc7. Now, I am going to analyze choice B) 9.Qb6


B) 9.Qb6


Now, white has two options

B1) 10.Bg5!?

B2) 10.Be3


B1) 10.Bg5!?

B2) 10.Be3
That's it about the Sozin Attack. In conclusion, the Sozin Attack is perfect for players who enjoy coordinating sacrifices and thrive in dynamic positions. In my next blog, I will analyze white's choice of 6.Be3, which leads to the English Attack.

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