Chess Code of Chivalry

Chess Code of Chivalry

Dec 12, 2014, 7:14 PM |

“The motto of chivalry is also the motto of wisdom; to serve all, but love only one.”  -Honore de Balzac

“There is another side to chivalry.  If it dispenses leniency, it may with equal justification invoke control.” - Freda Adler


Team Vote Chess Guidelines

Our method is twofold: 1-Find the best move. 2-Play the best move.

1 - Find the best move- To accomplish this goal, we submit and discuss candidate moves in the "Team Comments" of the Vote Chess game in question.  We have 3 days to make a move.  The first 48 hours are for the submission and suggestion of candidate moves, plans, and strategies and for the subsequent discussion, evaluation and appraisal of those candidates by the members of the team.

Moves can be submitted from analysis, inspiration, experience, books, articles, videos or from chess databases which can be found at various websites.  Chess engines are NOT allowed in Vote Chess games.  Archived computer games are also not allowed according to's definition of cheating.  Please avoid computer analysis in our vote game forums.

If you see a foolish move or blunder being suggested by another team member please be courteous, respectful, and constructive in your appraisal of the move.  Starting or participating in a flame-war will lead to being discharged.

2 - Play the best move - To accomplish this goal, we strive to reach a consensus and vote for a move selected from among the candidates which have been suggested.  Voting secretly for moves not mentioned in the forum is dishonorable.  It is contrary to our purpose and may result in being stripped of your knighthood and banishment from the realm.

Votes are far more effective when saved until the final 24 hours.  If you must vote early for personal reasons, there is nothing in the code to prevent you from doing so.  However, please do not mention it as that may encourage others to vote early unnecessarily.  During the final 24 hours, someone (usually me) will post the present vote count to remind members to vote.

We strive to reach a consensus through discussion and vote together as a team.  At times there may be two or more moves which are roughly equivalent but which lead to different strategies.  In those circumstances an "Open Vote" will decide it.  In most cases it is important to remember we are not competing with each other.

To check your VC games hover [Home] select [Vote Chess] from the drop down menu and a list of your games will appear, arranged according to time remaining.

When a new VC game is started you will receive an alert from staff.  Click on [Go to the Game].  This will open the "Public" game page. Both teams can view the "Public" page.  Do not discuss our game plans there.  To join the game click [White] in the upper right corner.

When joining a new vote game tick [x] "Tracking Comments!" near the bottom of the page or simply submit a comment and it will be done automatically.  This will ensure that you will receive alerts when it is our turn and it will also enable the [New Comment alert] on your home page.  If you submit a comment in the discussion forum at any time, that action automatically enables alerts for the remainder of that game.

If you get mad and decide to leave the game or if you should accidentally click on [Leave Game] you will see a confirmation pop up which will give you a second chance to stay in the game (suggested).  If you still choose to leave; that action is irreversible.

Please show respect for your team mates and keep the language clean.

If anyone feels any of these suggestions are unfair, please send me a message.