Prophylaxis, Part 2: Test Yourself

Prophylaxis, Part 2: Test Yourself

NM zkman
Oct 6, 2014, 11:58 AM |

   Hello! My name is Zach Kasiurak. I am a National Master living in Columbus, OH, USA rated 2273 USCF and 2198 FIDE. I am seriously pursuing my chess career and looking to improve rapidly as a player and coach.

   I have created my blog to provide insight into ideas or themes I have discovered in my own games, games of my students, or in games of strong players. I hope to convey my personal struggles as well as successes in my own studies, my tournaments, and the coaching scenes.


Test Yourself

   Please refer to Prophylaxis, Part 1: The Best in the Business ( for an explanation and analysis of the type of examples covered.

   In each exercise be sure to identify your opponent's ideas while simultaneously improving your position.

Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Exercise 3

 Exercise 4

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   Also, please send me any interesting and topical games or questions you may have and I will look to include them in my next post.


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