Contemplations from the Tree of Woe

Oct 8, 2008, 10:05 PM |

Wow, a fifty point ratings drop. A serious losing streak, 8 out of 10. My wins, unrated. Singing the blues. This kills me. I say my ratings dont matter. I believe this when I say it. Then I drop 50 points and quote Conan movies. hehe!

I have to say that most of these games were well played by my opponents. I dont think I erred too badly, just outplayed. The important thing is... did I learn anything? Will I take something from these losses, a move to not repeat? A suprise to spring on someone else? A good joke perhaps?

I told a few jokes in one of the forums. It was a joke forum, by the way. My humor apparently, is not for everyone. The wonderful staff of this wonderful site thought it best to lock that forum. There were some great opinions thrown around, on what is funny & what isn't, and what constitutes censorship. An enjoyable time, for a few of us, anyway.

I have made good on my last blogs threat/promise to put my opinions out there. What I didn't consider was challenges. I have recieved several these last few days. I find it hard to refuse, so I have more games going than I have in a while. Hmmm. I wonder if this.... No, that has nothing to do with my little losing streak. I've had winning streaks too.

In my humble opinion, the longer I'm on the site, or just playing in general, it will even itself out. I'll play at the rating I deserve to play at. Sometimes I'll feel I should be higher, some times I'll feel unworthy to be that high. I will promise this though, I will play with a smile.