3 Types of Chess players

Sep 20, 2012, 5:51 PM |

In chess often offense is the best defense. What this does not mean is attack wildly without thinking about own king safety.

One can categorize chess playes into broadly 3 groups as explained below.


Players who:

1. Likes attacking and sometimes ignores own king safety

2. Likes defending and manytimes misses winning oppurtunities.


3. Always in the lookout for tacktical shots, when attacked by the opponent tries to find some counter play


Not surprisingly there are very less people in the 3rd group and they are generally better players than the other two.

Often its interesting to see how the grand masters create winning counter plays out of thin air. Those games are really magical and a treat to the eyes.

Cant stop myself from mentioning one game which was really cool. Here it goes.

I hope I made some sense here. :) .. Thanks for reading.