Perfect example of Zero Development

May 8, 2012, 6:09 PM |

I think, my last blitz game(2mins) was a perfect example of how NOT to develop your pieces and  thus lose quickly....

I am not an expert but i could not stop myself from posting this example game I just played against black.. I think this will be an exllent example for beginers to understand & thus avoid the wrong way to play the opening in chess.

The following is the last position where black is check mated. Note that black does not have a single piece developed (other than the queen). And how white has almost every piece participating in the attack without compromising own king safety. How is this possible? How did white get so much time?















The reason is black violated almost all of the opening principles and thus making it super easy for white to win...  Note that the moves black played may not look like blunders but they are ( if not blunders, they are serious mistakes). Check the game below. I have tried to add my annotations.


I hope this illustrates two points. The importance of tempo moves during development & the severity of the result if basic principles are violated..

I wont write about the basic chess opening priciples here again..there are plenty of resources here on to learn and enjoy..