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14. feb 2024.
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Heartiest Welcome 🤗 to Our Club chesspawn

Titled Players are Most Welcome

Creating a Largest Community on

So why are you waiting for? Join Now

Let's Create a Largest Community on

As a member of our club, You can Play...

  • Daily Vote Chess
  • Daily Team Matches
  • Weekly Tournaments Arenas
  • Monthly Daily Matches

And many more things!


  • Learning Chess Giant is here to start a learning program in form of daily matches and arena .
  • It will help the club to get it rank and well as its member to become a master/advance player.
  • This club supports social chats 
  • Promotion is allowed 
  • Clubs will be soon in partnership of many other learning club to improve your experience  
                                                  Become a Admin 

By inviting people you can become a admin!
You will be promoted in the way of becoming a streamer/blogger/staff on

  • Streamer - Admin
  • Blogger - Coordinator
  • Staff of - Super Admin
  • Active member - Coordinator

    Joining ratings are as follows -

    Daily rating 100 - 1100 member
    Daily rating 1100 - 1600 coordinator
    Daily rating 1600 - 2100 admin
    Daily rating 2100+ SA ( Super Admin )
    For titled players -

    Daily rating 1500 - 2200  Admin
    Daily rating  2200+ SA ( Super Admin )

    Join our lichess team: 

* Feel free to message me personally about any Suggestions or Feedback

  Super Admin: Shaunak Fulzele