Union Chess Club

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24. mar 2022.
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We are a part of the UCN Community!

We are a part of FreeChess! 

Welcome to Union Chess Club 🙏

About the club-

There were a series of names which were kept like at the beginning "Doctor Strange Fan Club" - "Avengers Fan Club" - "Marvel Fan Club" - "Blitz Champs" - "Rapid Champs" - "Chess Champs" - "Chess Legendary Champs"- "Club of Union" - "Club of United players" and then comes Union Chess ClubThe literal meaning of the club's name is that all the players in this club are in Union where players engage in tournaments, Multi club arena's and many. Union means 'Together' which means working and helping together and 'Chess Club'

Club Rules :-

1. Every language is allowed

2. No Spamming and Blackmail.

3. Advertise only in Advertisement Forum.

     4. No abusive language.

     5. No aborting, stalling, or cheating in any games.

     6. If you find any abusive members? PM one of the SAs or admins and we will take care of it.

     7. If you are staff, please use your power responsibly. No demoting or promoting anyone without discussing it, Or deleting/changing Important Forums/Topics. If you found guilty, appropriate action will be taken.

     8. Don't ask for SA/Admin/Coordinator. Roles will be assigned Automatically or Via Voting. 

  • 9. No 18+ talks


Punishments will be decided by Admins/SAs.


We hope that  you will enjoy this club.

Titled players on our club

IM. @7hanat 


FM. @justchesscrazy

NM. @el008

NM. @Mayo_Neighs

CM. @cool64chess 

NM. @fearless_king2

FM. @MrChampion_Coach

WCM. @Toxic_Haste21

FM. @mmDarko 

IM. @ZivkovicN

FM. @MrChampion_Coach

CM. @McLean12 

CM. @ATM622

Club Staffs-

Owner - @GiggleNinja310

Super Admins - @SriProNinja666 @AmeliaChess69 @Toxic_Haste21 @Rafael0310


Admins - @IGhasemi @Kyu13 NM. @Mayo_Neighs @Strategic_Brilliance IM. @7hanat FM. @ENEASZ @Mega_Minds @InfiniteBlunders @EdilsonMaia @adhirajGM2025 @gumgumum2 FM.@MrChampion_Coach CM. @McLean12 @schizzarotto @YChess @nomolos2 @shaun293290 @ProRevengeTaker

Inviters - @CharanChess310 @ChSrichandan36 @AmeliaChess69