Brilliant Chess Organization

129 Members
Dec 20, 2022
40 Events Played

This is a club where anyone and everyone from anywhere and everywhere can join our positive and welcoming community!

  • Here are some reasons to join our club. This is a growing club. We hope to be a active club. We hope you will join us,  you will not regret it. Our long term aims is 500 hundred members right now we hope to get to 200 then hopefully get 350 soon. We will have Vote chess and daily matches.
  • You can chat with club members and we have  puzzles for you to solve! We also have daily riddles that you can crack! Please see the club description if you join, we hope you do! If you get a 5 in a row of riddles correct you get crowned new riddlemaster! If you do extremely well on the Endgame puzzles you get crowned Puzzlemaster! 
  • Please join us! We hope to be a big club and you can help us do that! We will create a forum where you can share games you played with other members or YouTube videos and much more!     Also, make sure to join the 2 clubs below to get updated about future league events we are apart of!