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Chess Team International

Chess Team International

Founded: Sep 5, 2008
Members: 33
Let's form a team of players who will play vote chess games, but discuss the position before voting, or at least read all of the discussions before voting. Let's work together as a team and bounce ideas off each other. Open to all players, but thoughtful analysis please. Let's work as a team. Win or lose, the point is to learn, to have fun, and be friendly. I'm just starting it up and will try to be helpful as we go along, but the team belongs to the members. There is no leader unless the team wants one. I just started it up and administrate.


  • Online 16 hrs ago

    elephant island, antartica (not there), United States

    Joined Club: Sep 5, 2008

  • Online 1 day ago

    United States

    Joined Club: Sep 5, 2008

  • Online 12 hrs ago

    Somewhere in the North Is., New Zealand

    Joined Club: Sep 5, 2008

  • Online Jul 1, 2015

    Rasmus Petersen | London, United Kingdom

    Joined Club: Sep 6, 2008


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