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Classical Music Fans

Classical Music Fans

Founded: Dec 5, 2008
Members: 174
This group is for people who like the "Classical" music of the Western world. This includes everything from Gregorian Chant through Bach, Beethoven and Bartok, to living composers who write in the "Classical" tradition like Michael Nyman, Arvo Part, or your crazy uncle. Whether you are a music professional or there's just one classical piece you heard one time and it moved you but you don't know what it is, all are welcome. Trade chess knowledge for music knowledge, and maybe even discuss similarities between J.S. Bach and your favourite Grandmaster.


  • Online 23 hrs ago

    Samuel Foster | Manchester, United Kingdom

    Joined Club: Dec 6, 2008

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    Christopher Strangelove | Toronto, Canada

    Joined Club: Dec 5, 2008


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