Global Chess Community

437 Members
Jun 9, 2021
153 Events Played

Warm welcome to the Global Chess Community!  We need such players as you are! 


5 reasons to join us:

  1. We are fast growing community with over 450 members
  2. Our club is a shelter, where you always spend time pleasantly and profitably
  3. Fixed schedule of tournaments and arenas
  4. Daily chess puzzles and our admins are titled 
  5. We fullfill all the suggestions from our members
  6. There are more than 5 reasons to join)

Titled members playing with us:

  • @GMChessRob (GM)
  • @Cami3 (WIM)
  • @Pawel_Chess_Coach (IM)
  • @Shahinyan_ChessMood (IM)
  • @Marika_Japaridze (WFM)
  • @emiliochess (NM)
  • @Jterminator (CM)
  • @MVM2008 (CM)

And remember - in Global Chess Community, NO ONE will be alone as a white pawn on a picture👆🏻!