good cute friend harshikabaid

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Oct 2, 2020
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hello welcome to my club. 

if there is a club you have to follow rules

 click here for rules

those who can't take this link look down


1.Do not SPAM

2.(to Admins and coordinators)

Do not change CLUB NAME without SA's permission


4.Do not advertise link

5.everybody should type others names with a @

6.No bullying 

7.No cheating

8.Everybody who join this club has to say their namesto @harshikabaid  by privatly not chat in notes

chat on club chat option

10.SAs want to invite 5 member in a day

11.if any As and SAs want to post news they hass to ask  permition to @harshikabaid

if you has to be an SA or A or cordinator 

do not sat to anyone you can be.but through the election only 

for the election of the coordinator members can can participate

for the election of admins only coordinators can participate

for the election of super admin only admins can participate

you can vote for 1 cordinator of the election only 1 time

hello every one pls join this club this my good friend @Harshikabaid 's club if you join you will get 5 trofies