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Earth, Solar System Founded: Nov 16, 2011
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GSC stands for Group Study Club. This group is based on the idea from Raul72, but the group was formed by BenRivera, who put a lot of effort into it to get it started. The idea is that the whole group studies a chess book together and discusses it. A single forum thread for each game, or each idea, or each chapter (depending on how the book is laid out) will be created, where it can be discussed in detail, using words or diagrams or anything. To keep the place organized (just look at what a mess Tarrasch's 300 Games is making), a sticky thread will be made so the book can be navigated. (I stole that idea from the admins of the 1. b3 and 1. ... b6 groups.) One advantage is that we can study the books at different times-- even years a part-- and still benefit from each others ideas. Right now we're working on Tarrasch's 300 Games of Chess, widely considered both a classic and a foundational text for chess writing that would come later. It's a great place to start.


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