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The Amateur Dragons

The Amateur Dragons

Location: Flying to the Sky
Founded: May 24, 2011
Members: 121
Welcome to The Amateur Dragons! This is one of the Dragons Groups that have over 150 members. Our average team rating is 1309. Here Dragons from all around the world meet together to have fun, play the Sicilian Dragon Variations, and lots more games! Do you want to join this exclusive group? Well you have to be under 1800 in order to join. If you are over 1800, join the Chess Dragons. Well, join The Amateur Dragons TODAY!!


  • Online May 17, 2014

    Jerry Curtis | Vancouver Island, Canada

    Joined Club: May 24, 2011

  • Online Mar 10, 2018

    Living in AZ, USA, India

    Joined Club: May 25, 2011


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