The Golden 64 Squares


All The beauty of chess lies in the golden 64 squares of the board…





Welcome to The Golden 64 Squares.

We need your help for vote chess & Daily matches


The Golden 64 Squares

We are so proud to be the fastest growing chess n’ chill club in and with you we are getting so much stronger and bigger!!!! This is a club that likes club matches, club tournaments, weekly puzzles and so much more! Join to see! But most importantly, Here we have fun.

 *Special event* Rapid and Blitz League with membership prizes


Don’t let your chance to join this club pass by you! Get yourself some trophies in The Golden 64 Squares and march with us as we make huge progress up the leaderboards. We are a club open to all ratings and people.


The Golden 64 Squares

In this club, you can solve and post puzzles for trophies, exchange experiences, fight in tournaments to win trophies, play with masters, write and read interesting blogs and ask questions. I will be happy to help you!

Everyone is invited!


Advantages of joining our club

  • You get a lot of practice with live matches, daily matches, vote chess, and puzzles, while still having fun with the community!
  • You get to socialize with other chess-lovers like you and are welcome to talk about anything chess or non chess related!
  • You get to play and learn with chess grand masters!
  • You can be recognized and promoted to admin status for being an active or great member!
  • You can watch or read fun and entertaining content! Funny, interesting, or helpful! We have stuff for all tastes!
  • We have tons of interesting forums and discussions you can socialize in! You can also create a forum yourself and start an intriguing conversation between hundreds of members!
  • We keep you updated with what is going on in the chess world! 
  • You have many opportunities to get tons of trophies of your choice to fit your collection!


Everyone is warmly welcomed to the club!


Will you join? After all, hundreds of other members said yes wink.png

 * Special offer this week only* If you join and message me I will give you 15 trophies!

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