The Scotch Fans Team

800 Members
May 22, 2009
165 Events Played
This is an amazing group filled with analysis and content. Welcoming all fans and enthusiasts of the infamous chess opening made popular by the former World Champion, Garry Kasparov: the Scotch! The Scotch is the ideal opening for beginners and works perfectly for experts of it too. Everything you need to accomplish in the opening is fulfilled by executing the Scotch. Great advantages, traps and initiatives can be extracted from being a Scotch player. Our group houses more than 300 members, which signifies the popularity of the Scotch opening. You will get to play in many team matches against the top teams of as well as form strategies and tactics with some of the best players of the Scotch in Vote Chess. We have forums to provide anything you need to know about the Scotch;. Ask away if you need to know anything and there will be 2000+ players happy to assist you! Come, embrace the power of the Scotch opening!