[4PC Variant]: Blindfold


Really folks, it's easy tongue.png

  • The mouse cursor changes when over a piece you can move.
  • Clicking on your pieces will highlight the square with your color and show legal moves. 
  • Shift-clicking on any piece will show it's legal moves. So you can discover opponent pieces by shift-clicking on squares (provided they have legal moves).
  • The squares of the last 4 moves are highlighted.
  • You can see the moves in the list, and can go back in the game to highlight previous moves.

(these features are not limited to blindfold, they work anytime)



You can toggle blindfold anytime with Shift-Alt-B (unless you are playing in a blindfold game, of course).

Note that legal moves are shown differently (x-ray) if you have premove enabled (and it's not your turn yet).

Add ghostboard to your blindfold game if all the indicators make blindfold too easy for you. (The only way to know which moves were played will be via the annotation in the move history list.) Good luck! wink.png


Ghostboard, here we go!


how to play this one?


In addition to the rules, I suggest that starting positions are somewhat randomized, and non-symmetrical so you have to find out where opponents pieces are by groping around wink.png


@gustav you can play with 960, or any starting position.

@joanapita at the moment you can play on the test server (and you'll probably need to organize people to play with you). We will release the new 4pc soon on the main server.

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wow, the peices are ghosts