Choosing an Android device


I have very little experience with Android, but the weird Android-ish thing that is my Kindle Fire is clearly not the best device for using my DGT (and other) boards. 

So, I am going to get an android device that I will basically devote to chess. A small tablet, or a large phone, I guess? Something that I can use easily with the Pegasus and that has power and space enough for me to waste far too much time I should be using productively.

What are the things I should be looking for? And if you have suggestions on particular devices for the best chess experience on Android, I am all ears!


Ive been using a Samsung Galaxy tab A8. I like it a lot. 10.5 screen. I use a Pegasus and a Smartboard on Lichess and the Peg on It keeps me on the verge of pantwetting happiness. The screen is good. Not as good as an iPad Pro, obviously, but it's good enough for chess and pawn. ;o)

I run, Lichess, DGT app, White Prawn and I have to say it does all I expected it to do. And it's the same colour as my Samsung washing machine. 

Here it is here ... just to show I know how to do the hyperlink thing ;o) Hope it works ...

I would definitely recommend it.


You had me at near pantwetting happiness :-) Thank you!


I use a Samsung J7 android device, which is a phone with a quite large screen. I devoted it to chess, installed Acid Ape Chess Grandmaster Edition, and I'm so much satisfied of my choice. I use it connected to my DGT smart board.