DGTCentaurMods project - improve your DGT Centaur experience


Hi folks, my name is Adrian and I am happy to meet people like me, passionate about chess and also own a DGT Centaur board

I am one of the contributors on a project called DGT CentaurMods. Some of you might have heard of it already. What is this project all about? Well, it puts your DGT Centaur board on steroids happy.png 

You'll have to do a hardware change to your board actually. You need to replace the Raspberry Pi inside the board with a Raspberry Pi W or W2 version. This step should be very easy as the Pi is actually plugged in a socket. This change and with the help of our software will enable to: emulate other boards over bluetoth (including Peg), wireless support to play online (currently Lichess supported), play other engines like lc0, ct800, etc, web interface with PGN export and game analysis, customize RodentIV characters. All these while still keeping the original software.

This is a young project, just over 6 months old. We have other features in the pipeline coming. All new features will be provided to you with an OTA update system.
Current version is 1.1.2.

Project website:
Discord server:
The videos are some of the old version...

I hope to see you on our Discord server if you are interested in this project.


We released the 1.1.4 version yesterday and added two new features. One will add real-time analysis while playing against an engine and the second is to play 1-one-1 with a friend and still doing an analysis of the match by by the computer. All games are recorded and available for export using the web interface.

The analysis feature is still in his early stage so expect more information to be available in future release.



DGTCentaurMods software in action. Starring lc0 engine






Great project, thank you for putting your time and knowledge available to everyone.


I have the SquareOff Rollup and GrandKingdom as well as the Millenium King Competition but my favourite for playing strength and ease of use is my DGT Centaur by far. Hey, ‘Centaur by far’, that’s good. Anyway, I would love to be able to use it online. That would be amazing! Looking forward to future developments.

Greg A