Millennium eOne



I realize this is a bit off topic, but thought it might be of interest to this group.  After much trouble with my DGT smartboard on, I decided to give the Millennium eOne board a try.  The board arrived today and I just played my first game with it on  It worked perfectly!  One thing to note is that the eBoard connects using the app and on a smartphone and not using a computer.  I am using the android version of the application.  

This is only one game so I need to play more to see if there are any issues.  But, my first impression is that it works really well.  



Yay! I have a smart board. Never tried it on cos I'm on Mac. It was ok on Lichess via White Prawn, then it started going squiffy. 

It's a pity that they can't sort it all out. Fingers crossed the Millennium works for you.