Russian teams disqualifications


Message sent to Mr, Grant (Clubs League tournament director)

Hi Grant!

I must admit that we as Ukrainian team are very disappointed and frustrated because in CLUBS league there is still Russian team taking part. Right now devastating war against Ukraine is going on and whole real world already showed their attitude and sanctions against Russia. Team Russia and all teams from Russia has been disqualified in all sports throughout the world including chess. Russia should not be tolerated everywhere. By letting Chess School Etud still play in Clubs League you encourage Russia still doing their brutal job.

Please advise whether this team will be still part of Division A Quarterfinals, otherwise Kyiv Chess Club should withdraw

Best regards, Admins of Kyiv


I was asking the League administration for the ban of Russian teams multiple times since Russia started this cruel war. You can find my two most recent messages below:

4 days ago:

"Sorry to insist but I'm asking for reconsideration of banning the Russian team from the league. The latest news about war crimes against civilians and about support of the war from large majority of "regular people" should leave no doubts about that. Now the standing indicates that Kyiv vs Moscow will be paired in the playoff so you can choose if you want to support the victims or the aggressors...

Please note that it would be ban of the team from capital of Russia and not of the individual players."

Two days ago:

"Can you pass my request to someone at that can change this policy? If not who should I write to? It's just about a ban from the league not every individual player.

Danny Rensch wrote " team remains open to changing our policies in light of new developments." So I provided two pieces of information: one about Bucha war crimes and another about support for the war from the majority of Russians. You can add that already over 4 million people fled from Ukraine. Isn't it enough to change the policy? If not what would be? A nuclear weapon used there? Invading Poland? Killing Kasparov as they did to Litvinenko?  

Please notice that if they win the quarterfinal you will not just allow them to play, but you will reward them with prizes.

I promise it is my last message to you regarding this matter - just please make sure that you're making a conscious decision about this situation."