System for deciding "World Champion"


Some time ago, I issued this as the system to decide the World Champion of "Chess on an Infinite Plane".

Players can challenge the champion with the following conditions:

a) They must have at least one "level 2" win. This means they have won at least one game against an opponent who also has a win. (they are at a level equal to the completed final game* - they are trying to do what the last contender could not do). *(refers to a tournament)

b) If a player previously played the champion but lost, he can challenge the champion only if his score has improved since his game against the champion.

c) If there are multiple qualifying contenders, the player with the highest score can challenge the champion. If this player is idle (not in a game) and does not challenge the champion within 7 days, then the qualifying contender with the next highest score can challenge the champion.

d) A tie in score is broken first by judging the scores of player's opponent, and then by the number of games won as Black.

A champion normally plays White (unless he requests Black). A champion that does not accept a challenge and begins play within two-weeks forfeits the crown.

Eventually, I'd like to use this thread to discuss improvements or amendments to the system. I haven't explicitly said so, but the term "score" I'm using recently is the player's ELO rating (which is from Martin0's calculations).

Comments, and ideas to improve are welcome.happy.png


Since there haven't been that many infinite game we should have a big tournament and whoever wins gets to challenge the WC. This tournament I say would be held every 1-2 months.


That's not a bad idea, but some games take longer than 2 months to play. So maybe the tournament should be repeating - start when the last one ends.

But for the immediate future champ, we need to stay with what has already been promised. Supersam1 and me are close to finishing the first-ever Championship game. We were the top-two from an 8-player tournament (there were some drop-outs). After this, the player with the best rating can challenge the champion.



Based on rating, someone will probably challenge the winner of (SuperSam1 and me). So the WC will either defend his title, or go to the challenger.

After that, we can change to a new system. Other ideas?


I'm currently watching Tomato & tugwash go at it, seeing as we 3 are very close on the ratings list I was going to challenge the winner of the two for the right to challenge SuperSam the world champ! Tomato I've beaten once before, but it was unrated. I think this will determine who's the best of the 3 of us, what do you guys think?


By rule (c) the player with the highest rating (when SuperSam1 became WC) gets first priority to issue a challenge. But I'm actually not sure who that is. Martin0 can probably help figure it out (he is away for a while). After the next challenge game, I would like this federation to help make a "system" for who challenges next.