Training on Pegasus, then playing on tournament board


I am just wondering: If you play your training games on the Peg, and use it to set up puzzles, training etc...when you play at a tournament, or local chess club, where the boards are a fair bit bigger. Do you find any problems going back and forth between the board sizes?


I"m not sure, switching between the two sizes. I've never played a game on my big board. I think my kings are 4"/squares 1.75"

But you still have the advantage of looking at a physical board. I' have to be careful on the peg, I have to make sure I'm not missing anything that I wouldn't in 2d.

Also, bear in mind in not that great a player. The peg is a good set up, other's experiences may differ. My peg connection seems to benefit from my wearing leopard-print mini-skirts.


thanks @kevinthechessgnome


Does anyone else have any insight?




Despite its size, the board format is fine and easy to play. Switching between different formats gives me no problem.


The pieces are weighted and so feel nice and give and excellent perception of quality. I never really feel the board or pieces are particularly small. -