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vor 12 Tagen
There is a new DGT app for IOS, ver 2.02, updated today, March 16. DGT indicates additional improvements on the way.
I think you can play the bots if you play in a browser and use graham's driver as mentioned earlier. You'd need to play on a PC as far as I know.
vor 15 Tagen
No, I don't think so. I would be very surprised.
I wonder what happens if you have an arena game in progress on the site, from your browser perhaps, and then go to try to start a DGT game in the app? Will it see you have a game in progress and switch to it?
vor 15 Tagen
No, as far as I know the chess.com app connects to the Pegasus board only when playing free games using the two green buttons "Play" and, after enabling the slider for the board, "Start Game", not for tournaments or computer bots. Correct me if I'm wrong.