Launch Louisville Chess Club

Louisville, KY
vor 11 Tagen
Sorry about that tournament it got cancelled due to a lack of players so we just made a new tournament. Have fun and Good luck.
Feb 1, 2023
For over-the-board tournaments, visit our public website:
Jan 21, 2023
I would love to see an over-the-board tournament happen sometime soon.
Jan 1, 2023
Sorry about the experience. Having the link handy should prove beneficial. The link is always posted on our Facebook site. I will provide feedback to’s developers.
Dec 30, 2022
I entered last nights tournament and accidently exited the tournament and took me forever to figure out how to get back in tournament ended I discovered I was not on the player roster =. Weird
Thursday Night Online Chess Tournament

Thursday Night Online Chess Tournament

DaroMott | 06.11.2022
The Launch Louisville Chess Club will organize an online tournament this Thursday between 8-9 PM. We will post more details soon. 
Kentucky Bourbon Chess Classic

Kentucky Bourbon Chess Classic

DaroMott | 26.10.2022
We have organized an over-the-board tournament on 1/15/2023. There will be raffles, cash prizes and more. Kentucky Bourbon Chess Classic | US