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We call ourselves the Londoneers.  Our group's logo shows our ideal setup.  

This club is about the London System which is characterized by 1.d4 and an early B-f4 by the White pieces.  Are you tired of playing openings 15 moves deep just to find out that the player with the black pieces has more book knowledge than you? Do you want a sound solid opening that brings out your chess talents not your chess memory? The solution may be the London System, a complete repertoire for white. This group is all about playing the London System against every possible black reply against 1.d4. The London System is a flexible system for white where both solid and attacking lines can be used. We plan to play vote chess, team matches, and have general discussions about the London System. However, most importantly, we want to learn a solid opening that you can use to improve your chess playing.

As a matter of course, we strictly reject the use of engines during ongoing games.