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Wholefoods at 3740 Midtown Dr Sat 9:30am-12, Grassroots Kava House 1925 E 6th Ave Sun 2:30pm - 8
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vor 5 Tagen
Does anyone go to the Grassroots Kava House on Sundays? I'm planning on going this weekend and just wanna make sure there will be people
vor 5 Tagen
People I just made the most brutal chess games
vor 5 Tagen
didnt even know there was a tampa club i will be attending soon to check out the club.
vor 6 Tagen
New Vote Chess move is available, any club member can help and vote!
vor 10 Tagen
Unfortunately because of finance and scheduling issues, I can't participate in the March or April tournaments but I'll be there for the May one! And I managed to get my USCF membership yesterday night
Upcoming  Tournament

Upcoming Tournament

Gungnir | 11.03.2023
Chasing Checkmate Chess Tournament - Saturday March 25, 2023. This will be a 4 round chess tournament starting at Noon and ending around 5PM.
Up Coming Tournaments

Up Coming Tournaments

Gungnir | 11.10.2022
SAINT PETERSBURG OPEN Tournament 11/5; 12/3 (SATURDAY)TWO SECTIONS- OVER 1000 AND UNDER 1000  AndQUAD & BLITZ Tournaments:  10/15; 11/19; 12/17 Last QUAD Tournament had 32 players! LOCATION: Saint Petersburg Chess Club, 540 4th Avenue North. Saint Petersburg, FL  33701
Play Vote Chess with the Club!

Play Vote Chess with the Club!

Gungnir | 08.10.2022
https://www.chess.com/club/votechess/tampa-chess-club Vote Chess Now Live!