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Saint Louis, Missouri
vor 6 Minuten
Hi! I noticed that there is no online tournament on Saturday this week (unless if I'm missing something) and I thought there usually is. Does it get scheduled later or does it stay like that?
vor 17 Minuten
Yeah, I get that problem too. My USCF otb rating is 1762 and my rapid/blitz are within 100 of that. It might just be because I mainly play in free time at school though.
vor 23 Minuten
Pretty much. There is a tournament Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Your USCF Online rating and OTB rating are not the same and don't effect each other. Somehow I am better OTB... makes me wonder which of my opponents uses engine in maybe 1-2 critical moments. You can also withdraw from an online tournaments if you want to play less games then there are rounds.
vor 3 Stunden
oh ok cool thank you!
vor 3 Stunden
Someone else can elaborate or correct me as needed.
Final results of the First Annual Members only Blitz Tournament

Final results of the First Annual Members only Blitz To...

JuditSztaray | 25.03.2023
Dear All, Late with this post, but many thanks for everyone who participated in the First Annual Members Only Blitz Tournament. With only a few fair play violations, we made some adjustments.Tournament was rated: UPDATE: updated the standings and prize winners because I totally forgot to set the tiebreaks.. so sorry!! The final results are as follows: SwissSys Standings. 1st Annual Members Only Blitz: Open # Name I...
First Annual Members Only Blitz Tournament - March 10th

First Annual Members Only Blitz Tournament - March 10th

Martin_Stahl | 03.03.2023
On March 10th, we will be replacing the normally scheduled rapid event with a 3,+2 blitz tournament to celebrate US Chess passing the 100,000 member milestone for the first time in their 80 year history. When: Friday March 10th 5pm Pacific, 8 PM Eastern Where: The tournament will show up just like all normally scheduled tournaments and will be on the Play server and automatically paired. Format: Individual SwissTotal Round: 9 roundsRound times: consecutively, immediately started after the...