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Shetland chess club
Club meeting in Mareel  on Thursdays @5pm. All welcome.
Opening '64 - Besloten
Dit is de besloten versie van de Opening '64 schaakclub op Naast deze besloten club heeft Opening '64 ook nog een publieke (openbare) cl...
Chess legends 101
Some rules: No spamming Do not bully others in club or else u answer to ME! Do not remove, ban or Mute people without permission of SA (Super Ad...
A friendly home from home for the LGBT+ of We are an inclusive group extending the same warm welcome to all who fit into longer acronyms...
Chess royal
Bienvenue à la Chess royal👑 !  Chaque semaines, des tournois et des matchs seul ou en équipe sont à votre disposition pour pouvoir jouer des parti...
3 CHECK FUN club Headquarters
This club is for the Admins of the 3 CHECK FUN club. You must be an admin in this club to join! We will not accept anyone else for any reason!
B1ZHUB Printing Press
If you want to join, please pm an admin or super admin for why you want to join and wait for them to approve you. Most other requests otherwise wil...
Team Gandalf
This is a club for those who love Chess, and Lord of the Rings. If you would like to join fellow Lord of the Rings fans, join and help us win!
Club de entrenamiento de Ajedrez
UNSW Chess Club
Welcome to the official club for the University of New South Wales Chess Club! Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on our event...
Team Bengal Warriors
Anyone who is interested into the culture and heritage of West Bengal can join here. Vote chess Daily match Forum discussion about West Bengal
The Radical Ruy Lopez
This group is for anyone who currently plays the Ruy Lopez, or would like to learn more about this age-old opening. We have vote chess and team ...
Club Estudiantes de La Plata
Te invitamos a unirte al grupo de ajedrez no oficial del Club Estudiantes de La Plata, uno de los clubes con más historia del fútbol argentino. Jug...
Velcro and the dots
Weekly viewer arenas every Friday at 3 PM PST! In an effort to reduce any suspicious accounts and make this a fun...
Indians Are Great
A group for all levels of players, just looking for fun, advancement, challenge, analyze and to learn. We will have constant vote chess, team match...
Los Angeles Chess Club - LACC
Welcome to the west coast. Enjoy your stay, let's have fun, chat, chill, learn and play some chess! Would love active members that want to play tea...
The Atheists
All freethinkers are invited to join our group. Whether you consider yourself atheist, agnostic, secular humanist, non-theist, post-theist, natural...
Qatar Chess Club
Qatar Chess Club: The official representative of The Arab League Championship. Are you interested in learning how to play chess? Would you like to ...
Sacramento Chess Club
USCF 2016 Chess Club of the Year! The Sacramento Chess Club meets Tuesday evenings from 6 to 10 pm at Great Escape Games, 1250 Howe Avenue, Suite...
Do you know Martin? He is the weakest bot in event bots). Our club protects Martin, the weakest bot in And our club tal...
This Cruel Design
Welcome to this club, "This Cruel Design" that We have created.I hope that this club will meet your expectations.To enjoy our common passion which ...
La LEGIO I ITALICA, istituita da Nerone nel 66 d.C. ed attiva fino al V secolo, era costituita da reclute nate in Italia, che l'imperatore chiamava...
Team Uganda
This is the group representing '' Uganda '' in the World League. It is for all those who would like to participate in World League Match ...
Ramat Gan Chess Club
Welcome to the Ramat Gan Chess Club Playing chess? Studying? Teaching? Competing? Amateurs? Professionals? Class/school center managers? Parents?...