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Team Dorset
A group for all members from the county of Dorset past and present. All players from all ratings from Dorset are most welcome to join.
Team Norway 2012
Vi liker å spille sjakk
MDS Chess
A chess club for Manzano Day School.
Oleksandr Bortnyk , ( born 18 Octobre 1996) is an Ukrainian grandmaster who living in USA .He is streaming on .
Fitz 3A Chess Game
Mr. Fitz's 3A World History
Just for fun! I like the k-pop group Momoland as it is not offensive and it is bright and bouncy. The name does not matter to be honest, I want us ...
Four Player Chess League
Welcome to the 4 Player Chess League! We host games every week, for both FFA and Teams (Old Standard, 5|10). No more waiting for queues to fill up!...
Music Lovers
A group for all people that love music of any kind! Whatever it may be, pop, country, rock, jazz, whatever, this group is for you! Chat about your ...
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Rob's USCF Tournaments Club
A Club of those invited interested in USCF online rated chess, if you want to join the club, you must be A united states chess federation member. ...
Red Pawn - Chess Team
Red Pawn - Chess Team! Join the club! Red Pawn has faced Tragedy in dec 2022 and jan 2023. The old owner, Krashtarashta closed his account and own...
Argentina Chess Club
Bienvenidos a Argentina Chess Club! Este en un club de habla hispana en el cuál competimos contra otros clubes, principalmente en modalidad Daily,...
LOTR Chess Team
Three clubs for the Grandmasters under the sky, Seven for the Blitz Players with their clocks and boards, Nine for the Competitors, ready to vie,...
✮ Club Catur Indonesia ✮
Tempat berkumpulnya pemain catur online dari Indonesia untuk saling berbagi (sharing) ilmu dan pengalaman bermain catur sehingga akan meningkatkan ...