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Team Barcelona
Per tota la gent que viu a Barcelona, hi hagi estat o li agradi la ciutat. Para toda la gente que viva en Barcelona, haya estado en ella o le guste...
Stevens Tech Chess Club
Chess Club at Stevens Institute of Technology
Devon Chess
Devon, a great chess county and this a thriving group for all those who wish to represent us in matches and vote chess. You must have lived in Devo...
Fight Simulator RP
RP fighting
Team Schweiz-Suisse-Svizzera
This team represent Switzerland in World and European Leagues. ------------- Hallo Schachfreund! Um in dieser Gruppe akzeptiert zu werden, musst du...
San Antonio  Chess Club
This group is for anyone who plays chess in the area surrounding San Antonio, Texas or who used to live in San Antonio.  For the official brick and...
1.e4 Lovers
"Best by test...with 1.e4! I win"  –Bobby Fischer 1.e4 has generally been considered a "beginners' opening" – but we are proud to say we put our ...
Chess Bananas
Chess Bananas was founded in 2019 as a place for fans, both old and new, to come together and share their passion and excitement. We want to create...
Michigan Chess Club
The official page of the University of Michigan Chess Club. The Michigan Chess Club meets Wednesday nights, 6:00pm - 8:00pm in Ann Arbor ...
Bahrain Chess Club
For all people who love Bahrain. This is the group which will be representing Bahrain citiezen and lovers. So come join us now and share the vision...
Daily Chess Musings
This club is for the people who are fans of the Daily Chess Musings Blog and YouTube Channel. Here we will practice playing, use the concepts from ...
Team Glasgow
A group for those who live, work in or claim Glasgow by birth. Residents of close communities and expats are also welcome. This is an active match ...
Untitled Friday Club
Ever wanted to join a Titled Tuesday tournament but didn't have a title? Have you missed your opportunity to play that week? Untitled Friday is the...
Springer Westfalen-Lippe
Springer Westfalen-Lippe ist ein Regionalverein für Menschen in und aus Westfalen-Lippe. Gemeinsam mit anderen Regionalvereinen spielen wir in der ...
Expert Blitz Tournaments
Live Blitz tournaments for players 1900+ in blitz! DAILY Swiss tournaments Team Leagues Check out our other club as well: Expert Team Olympiads ...
KNOCKOUT VOTE CHESS LEAGUE (KOVCL) runs vote chess tournaments (both standard & chess960) between different clubs on All seasons are...
Mini Club Italia
Benvenuti al Mini Club Italia
Team Lithuania
This is the group representing Lithuania in the World League. It is for all those who would like to participate in League match play. Mem...
Team Syria
Team Syria: The official representative of the World League Championship. has agreed to work on the new application if you want to find out and lea...
Blunder Town
Welcome to Blunder Town! The official club for Laurarrgh's Twitch community; everyone is welcome!
Apes United
"Apes Alone Weak; Apes Together Strong quote from the movie, Planet Of The Apes. It is very true as well. We are all stronger together. I am askin...
Team Iceland
This group is for icelandic players. A target for this group is also to representing Iceland in the Live Chess World League, World League and Euro...