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  • ChessTV Official Account

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    This is the official account for all Chess.com/TV Video Archives! Under this video author listing you can find all the recordings of your favorite ChessTV Shows! Death Matches, US Chess League broadcasts, elite Super-GM Tournament coverage, weekly shows like Pardon Our Blunders and Your Games Analyzed, and more!

  • ChessCenter

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    Watch ChessCenter each week for the latest in chess news and entertainment from the award-winning team of journalists at Chess.com. Every episode delivers a fun overview of the week’s news along with audience-friendly segments like Move of the Week, Blunder of the Week, and the best and worst chess moments of the month.

  • GM Roman Dzindzichashvili (2680)

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    GM Dzindzichashvili was once one of the top players in the world. Born in Georgia, his chess first developed in the USSR. While still an International Master, he defeated opponents like Botvinnik and Bronstein before emigrating, first to Israel where he became a Grandmaster, and then to the United States. His accomplishments in the U.S. include two U.S. Championship first places, and one World Open. He has not played actively in tournaments recently, but has become even more famous perhaps in the U.S. for quality instructional materials, in particular chess videos! Roman Dzindzichashvili now teaches chess classes and seminars for Chess.com University. Feel free to contact him for more information!

  • GM Magnus Carlsen (2865)

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    World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen is the world's highest rated chess player of all time. The Norwegian superstar's reputation and resume speak for itself. He makes three video contributions to the Chess.com community under his official account here: Reviewing a game against Vishy Anand from their second World Championship Match; He reviews a win against Levon Aronian from the 2015 Tata Steel Chess tournament; and finally, he offers a quick video with his advice for improving and ambitious beginners.

  • GM Hikaru Nakamura (2819)

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    GM Hikaru Nakamura won just about every U.S. scholastic title in his early years and went on to win four U.S. Championships as well. His biggest early international victory came in 2011 when he won Tata Steel. He's won three team medals for the American Olympiad squad, including team gold in 2016 in Baku. Nakamura has the ninth-highest live rating of all time, 2819, and his highest published rating was 2816. He loves and excels at faster time controls; he topped both of the official FIDE rapid and blitz chess ratings lists when they were first introduced in 2014. Nakamura often has the highest blitz and bullet ratings on Chess.com, which have both eclipsed 3000. He was also a finalist in the 2016 Chess.com GM Blitz Battle Challenge.

  • GM Judit Polgar (2735)

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    Grandmaster Judit Polgar is the strongest female chess player of all time. Ranked #1 in the world for just shy of 25 years, Judit's contributions to chess both on and off the chess board are many. Besides being one of the best chess players in history, she serves as an ambassador for the game through the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation for Education Benefits, is the recipient of the prestigious Hungarian "Order of Merit" award, and is an author of multiple chess books. Judit's program, "Chess Palace" has been adopted as a part of the National Curriculum for Hungarian Schools, and she is also the author of the series, Judit Polgar Teaches Chess.

  • GM Ivan Sokolov (2706)

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    Born June 13th 1968, Ivan learned chess from his father in 1974 (age 6). He achieved his peak FIDE rating of 2706 in January 2004, and hung around the top twenty in the world for numerous years, including a high spot of number 12 in the world. A Grandmaster since 1987, Ivan has authored 7 chess books, out of which 'Winning Chess Middlegames' and 'Sacrifice & Initiative' were acclaimed best sellers.

  • FM Luis Fernández Siles (2260)

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    Maestro FIDE y entrenador de ajedrez. Editor y director de Capakhine, la revista de ajedrez para los niños y sus padres. Siempre pensando en crear contenidos que puedan ser útiles para el progreso ajedrecístico. Creativo, bloguero, youtuber y un poco friki.

  • GM Melikset Khachiyan (2546)

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    Melik began playing chess at the age of 8, won the Baku Junior Championship two years later and became a Soviet Candidate Master two years after that. He began coaching early in his career and has brought up three Junior World Champions (among them Levon Aronian). In 2001, he immigrated to the US, where he qualified to play in the U.S. Championship several times. He earned his Grandmaster title in 2006.

  • GM Aleksandr Lenderman (2614)

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    A "true" chess professional, Grandmaster Alex Lenderman learned to play the game at the age of ten, was an expert at twelve, National Master at thirteen, International Master at sixteen and a Grandmaster at nineteen years old. A gold medalist, scoring an incredible 9-of-11 score, at the World Youth Championship Under-16 in 2005. A US Chess League MVP in 2008, Alex is also the winner of multiple prestigious events in the "American Chess Scene", including: the Philadelphia International; US Open; Marshall Club Championship, Eastern Open and the National Chess Congress. Alex's peak FIDE rating was 2601 and he currently trains hard with his coach, GM Giorgi Kacheishvili.

  • GM Gregory Kaidanov (2647)

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    Considered one of "the" premier chess trainers in America for more than ten years, Chess.com is very proud to add Grandmaster Gregory Kaidanov to its list of prestigious Video Authors. Arguably one of the strongest GMs never to have won the US Championship, GM Kaidanov's list of accomplishments does however include first place finishes in many other major events, including first place at both the World Open and US Open in 1992. A certified FIDE Senior Trainer, his reputation as a chess coach precedes him internationally. Gregory currently resides in Lexington, Kentucky with his wife Valeria and their three children.

  • GM Jon Ludvig Hammer (2701)

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    They say you should learn try to learn from the best. Jon Ludvig Hammer certainly did, attending a Norwegian sports high School, alongside Magnus Carlsen. With 10 hours a week of chess in the curriculum, Hammer claims he just tried to copy his classmate’s style. It has worked for him, as he reached top 50 in the world in 2015. During his rise, Hammer even beat World Champion Carlsen at the 2015 NorwayChess tournament – a game one of his videos is devoted to. He has been a second for Carlsen in world championship matches, and has been a regular on national TV to comment on Carlsen’s tournaments. He has also toured the country, giving lectures to everyone from complete beginners to experienced masters.

  • GM Sam Shankland (2605)

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    Sam learned chess at age 11 from the Berkeley Chess School program. Within four years, he had become a National Master, and two years later, he became an International Master when he tied for first in the world u-18 championship, a result unmatched in the last decade of international play by American players. At 20, he has already played in several U.S. Championships, placing 3rd in 2011.

  • GM Simon Williams (2560)

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    Simon has been playing chess for 28 years. He reached the rank of IM when he was 18 and GM at 28. Some of his major successes on the board include jointly winning the London Chess Classic in 2010, becoming British Blitz Champion and finishing 2nd in the main British Championship on two occasions. Simon's pupil's have been wildly successful at the scholastic level in England. Affectionately known to the chess world as "The Ginger GM" - Simon is also the accomplished author of more than 10 books and DVD series.

  • GM Gregory Serper (2628)

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    When in 1985 Greg Serper was invited to the famous Kasparov-Botvinnik school, he was really inspired by Kasparov's story. Garry insisted that he was destined to become the 13th World Champion since he was born on April 13. Since Greg was born on September 14 he saw it as a very good omen. Alas, this great sign was enough only to tie for first in the World Junior Championship (1988) and win the European Junior Championship (1989), World Open (1999) and a bunch of national and international tournaments. These days Greg teaches chess full time, writes a weekly column for Chess.com, and is proud to have dozens of National and State Champions among his students.

  • GM Simen Agdestein (2637)

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    GM Simen Agdestein is best known for three things. He's a former professional footballer, he was Norway's best player for many years, and he is the former coach of World Champion GM Magnus Carlsen. That's an entire career, but he's not done. Agdestein continues to play competitively, winning several events in 2013, and also runs an elite chess academy near Oslo. He back a grandmaster at 18, finishing second at the World Junior Championship. Agdestein won the Norwegian Chess Championship seven times and also an Olympiad individual gold. He's also represented Norway in football and is likely the only person to ever play for his country in both professional football and chess.

  • GM Alexandra Kosteniuk (2557)

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    GM Alexandra Kosteniuk is the 12th Women's World Chess Champion. She was born in Perm, Russia and began to chess at the age of 5. During her career she won many titles and prestigious chess events. At the age of 14 she became a WGM. In 2001, at the age of 17, I reached the final stage of the women's world chess championship and became the vice-champion of the world. In 2004 she became the European Champion among women and in 2005 she conquered the Women's Russian Championship. In 2016 she repeated this success by winning the Women's Russian Superfinal. The peak achievement of her career was in 2008 when she won the women's world chess championship in Nalchik, Russia. She has played for the Russian National Team since 2002, and her team has won the Chess Olympiad in 2010, 2012 and in 2014....

  • GM Dejan Bojkov (2556)

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    Dejan Bojkov is a Grandmaster, originally from Bulgaria. As a youngster, Dejan was the winner of numerous Youth Championships -- including Boys Under 14 and Boys Under 18 Bulgarian Champion. This translated to success on the international stage, with his most recent victory coming at the Sydney International Open in Australia (2010). As a trainer his work has known little failure, and some of his students include Antoaneta Stefanova-former World Womens Champion.

  • GM Ben Finegold (2563)

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    A true "Chess Professional", Grandmaster Ben Finegold has been competing on the highest levels of chess for nearly 25 years. As a player Ben has won numerous major open events, including the 1994 and 2007 U.S. Opens, the 2002 World Open, and the 2005 and 2008 National Open Championships in Las Vegas. He has competed in 8 U.S. Closed Championships and was the first "GM in Residence" at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis. His laid back, humorous teaching style is his trademark and he is excited to join the Chess.com Video Author Team!

  • GM Timur Gareyev (2674)

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    In 2004 Timur became the youngest-ever chess grandmaster from Asia at age 16( originally from Uzbekistan). Timur was a part of the University of Texas at Brownsville's Chess Team from August 2005 to August 2006 where he helped the University obtain its first National Collegiate Chess Championship. He is the winner of many International chess events. Timur is a regular feature of Chess.com/TV - where he trains using our Blindfold Chess Pieces, with hopes of eventually breaking the world record for most "Blindfold Chess" games played simultaneously.

  • GM Maxim Dlugy (2650)

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    Grandmaster Maxim Dlugy is well known as a Rapid Chess specialist. Formerly ranked #1 by the World Blitz Chess Association, he is regarded by many as one of the best blitz (both over the board and online) players of all time. The World Junior Champion in 1985, Dlugy's accomplishments are many both as a player and trainer.

  • GM Robert L. Hess (2635)

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    In his youth Grandmaster Robert Hess was one of America's leading talents, winning the U.S. Junior at age 14, becoming a GM at 17, and surprising the nation by placing second behind Nakamura at the 2009 U.S. Championship. A Samford Fellowship winner and three-time member of the U.S. National Team, Robert earned a team silver medal (Bursa, 2009) and individual silver medal (Ningbo, 2011) at the World Team Championships. Although Robert is relatively inactive as a player since attending Yale University, he remains very much involved in his beloved game. He currently serves as coach of the U.S. Women's Olympiad team and can frequently be seen right here on Chess.com.

  • GM Leonid Kritz (2624)

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    GM Leonid Kritz learned to play chess at the age of four. He went on to win the World Youth Under 16 Championship in 1999 and became a GM before his 20th birthday. In 2004 he took part in the FIDE World Championship and that same year played for Germany in the Olympiad. Kritz has a wealth of knowledge on openings that he used in many chess leagues, including the Bundesliga, Belgian League, Luxembourg League, Dutch League, French League, and U.S. Chess League. He came to the U.S. on a chess scholarship and studied business administration. Kritz is married to another grandmaster, Nadezhda Kosintseva.

  • GM Eugene Perelshteyn (2555)

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    GM Perelshteyn learned chess from his father, a professional chess coach. His record of accomplishments is long; some of his honors include: 2000 US Junior Champion, represented the U.S. in 5 World Jr. Championships, led UMBC to 5 national college titles, and first place in 2003 Generation Chess Invitational, 2006 Foxwoods Open, and 2007 Spice Cup. As a chess teacher, he is the author of two bestsellers: Chess Openings for Black, Explained and Chess Openings for White, Explained (with GMs Dzindzihashvili and Alburt).

  • GM Nadezda Kosintseva (2576)

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    Born up in the far north of Russia in the city of Arkhangelsk (the same as in the variation of the Ruy Lopez!), Nadezhda began playing at the age of seven, just for general development, together with her sister who was six. Their first coach was the local chess teacher Vladimir Popov. Later, she also worked with the legendary GM Igor Zaitsev, who was a second of Karpov. She then trained with GM Yury Dokhoian who assisted Kasparov for many years. Her best chess achievements are: two-time Olympic champion (2010 and 2012), three-time Women's European Team Champion (2007, 2009, 2011), two-time medalist in European Individual Women Championships (2005, 2007), and a Russian National Women's Champion (2008). She is also a multiple medalist in European and Word Youth Chess Championships. She is on...

  • GM Maurice Ashley (2500)

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    Maurice Ashley is the first and only Jamaican born Grandmaster. A celebrated chess author, commentator and motivational speaker - Ashley is known world wide as a true ambassador for the game. Recently, his efforts involve co-founding the Millionaire Chess tournaments being held in Las Vegas, and he currently serves as a Director's Fellow at the Media Lab at MIT

  • GM Yasser Seirawan (2620)

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    Seirawan began playing chess at 12; at 13 he became Washington junior champion. At 19 he won the World Junior Chess Championship. In 1980, he tied for first with Walter Browne in Wijk Aan Zee and was invited by Viktor Korchnoi to be his coach in the 1980/81 Candidate Matches and World Championship match against Anatoly Karpov. Seirawan was twice a Candidate, four time US Champion, was ranked in the world's top ten and played for ten US Olympiad teams. He retired from tournament play in September 2003.

  • GM Josh Friedel (2524)

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    Josh grew up in New Hampshire under the tutelage of NM Hal Terrie. He never improved very fast, but he never stopped either. At this date, Josh has passed 2500 fide and earned the GM title. In 2008, Josh had several strong results in top US events: shared fourth in the US Champs (last GM norm), shared fourth in the Chicago Open, shared first in the National Open, and second in the Continental Championship.

  • GM Victor Mikhalevski (2543)

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    He started to play chess at the early age of 4! He was coached by his brother, IM Alex Mikhalevski. While in school, he won innumerable championships of Belarus for his age group, and played not less than five Soviet Junior championships with world famous players Kramnik, Svidler, Shirov and many others taking part. In the beginning of 1991 Victor immigrated to Israel, where he won two Israel Junior Chess Championships in 1991 and 1992. Skipping ahead of many great accomplishments to January 2008, Victor achieved his peak rating of 2632 and was placed 92nd in the world and fourth in Israel. In 1989 Victor started coaching and his students won medals in the World and European Youth chess championships. Mikhalevski was awarded the IM title in 1993 and the GM title in 1996. In 2013 Victor pub...

  • GM Alex Yermolinsky (2596)

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    Since his arrival in the United States in 1989, Alex Yermolinsky has won numerous major swiss events including the World Open and U.S. Open multiple times. He was the U.S. Champion in 1993 and 1996. Alex cherishes his recollections of the glory days of the now aging, but underrated U.S. Olympic Team of the 1990's. Alex is the author of "The Road to Chess Improvement", his magnum opus that threatens to become the most sought after out of print chess book on EBay. Other authors need not worry, Alex has left chess writing behind him. These days he's more interested in online chess media. His "What Every Russian Schoolboy Knows" instructional weekly show on the Internet Chess Club has a large following. Alex is hoping to further his online presence here on Chess.com.

  • GM Rashad Babaev (2525)

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    Rashad was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, the same city as Garry Kasparov. He has won many international tournaments and he obtained the title of International Grandmaster in 2007. He was champion of Azerbaijan in 2009. Rashad trained the Azerbaijan Youth Chess Team for more than six years. He also worked with many famous grandmasters and helped them to improve opening lines, including Vugar Gashimov. Since 2009 he lives in New York. Most of the teams that he has trained took first and second places at National Championships .

  • IM Tania Sachdev (2500)

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    Tania Sachdev is an International Master and plays for India. She has won over 20 medals for the country in the junior categories. She has won the national women's championship twice, is a former Asian Women's Championship champion and a bronze medalist at the Olympiad in 2012. She has been conferred with the prestigious civilian award for Sports in India, the Arjuna Award. She's well known for her chess commentary work from the World Championship and Millionaire Chess events.

  • GM Bryan Smith (2503)

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    GM Bryan Smith grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, and currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Some of his accomplishments include first place in the 2008 National Chess Congress, 2009 National Chess Congress, 2010 Philadelphia International, and 2011 Limpedea Cup. He was a weekly columnist on Chess.com for several years Bryan is the first-ever Grandmaster from Alaska! He also creates many of the lessons Chess.com and its scholastic site, ChessKid.com.

  • IM Daniel Rensch (2416)

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    With numerous "scholastic chess accomplishments" to boast of, both as a player and a coach, Danny has been a "chess professional" since his early teens. He was ranked in the Top 10 for his age in the U.S. every year from the age of 12 - 21years old, and at one point he was the highest rated 19-year old in the country. He earned the IM title at age 23. A part owner and full time Staff Member for Chess.com LLC, Danny is our Vice President of Content and Professional Operations, managing the products and "team of contributors" you enjoy here, as well as for our scholastic extension site, ChessKid.com.

  • IM Anna_Rudolf (2300)

    Videos Profil 3785 Follower

    Anna Rudolf is an International Master, Woman Grand Master and self-proclaimed lipstick maniac. She learned to play chess at the age of 4 from a computer game called Battle Chess. Through weekly training sessions and moderate chocolate consumption, she became Hungarian Champion at the age of 11. She went on to win medals at numerous youth events, including European and World Championships. In 2008 she accomplished her childhood dream by entering the Olympic team of Hungary. She is a three-times Hungarian Women's Champion and is known for her aggressive style: exploiting positional weaknesses and converting endgames. In 2017 she announced her retirement from the Olympic team and now focuses on her professional career as a chess author, commentator, reporter, edutainer, vlogger, streamer. Sh...

  • GM Jacek Stopa (2475)

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    International Master Jacek Stopa, originally from Poland, started playing chess at the age of 8 after randomly buying a chess set on a winter vacation. His father taught him how to play and he soon became addicted. Jacek earned his International Master title at age 18 and was the European Team Chess Champion in Solving Chess Problems in 2008. He has developed into a very effective chess instructor over the last six years, helping many young chess players reach their maximum potential.

  • GM Mackenzie Molner (2465)

    Videos Profil 339 Follower

    International Master Mackenzie Molner is one of the rising young stars in America. He has been ranked amongst the top juniors in the United States for more than ten years. Originally, from New Jersey, "Mac" recently graduated from NYU with a Bachelor's Degree in Romance Languages, with a specialty in Spanish (he also speaks German, French and Russian). Mac considers himself a Professional Chess Player/Coach.

  • IM David Pruess (2438)

    Videos Profil 1422 Follower

    At the age of twelve, David was lucky to be brought by his mother to a session of the Berkeley Chess School's Friday night kid's chess club, where he met NM Robert Haines, who showed him what chess was. Eighteen years later, he is still in love with the game. He has shared first in a few major tournaments, eg: American Open, North American Open, and Open Rohde (France), and played in several US Championships.

  • WGM Tatev Abrahamyan (2396)

    Videos Profil 958 Follower

    Women's Grandmaster Tatev Abrahamyan is one of the youngest top-rated women chess players in the United States. She's competed in multiple U.S. Women's Championships, with her best result coming in 2005 - tying for first place only to lose out in the playoff. Born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1988 - Tatev came to the U.S. as a young girl, and quickly rose through the ranks, eventually joining the U.S. Women's Olympic Team. An expert in the French Defense, Tatev's Debut Video Series reveals many of her personal repertoire secrets.

  • IM Nazi Paikidze (2455)

    Videos Profil 1715 Follower

    IM Nazi Paikidze had a successful career in youth chess, winning a combined total of six gold medals at the European and World Youth Championships. By the age of 16, she reached her peak FIDE rating of 2455 and was among the top 40 women in the world. Nazi moved to the United States in 2012 and began representing the country shortly afterward in 2014. She had a second place finish in her first U.S. Women’s Championship in 2015 and then proceeded to become the champion the following year. She now represents the U.S. Women's Team in international events.

  • IM Mark Ginsburg (2430)

    Videos Profil 32 Follower

    Mark learned chess at age 6 but only at age 13 was he informed that tournaments existed! He received the International Master title at age 22 and had a peak USCF rating of 2578 in 1993. Mark has twice been the Manhattan Chess Club Champion, and has also played quite a bit overseas in Belgium, Holland, England, and Switzerland. Mark has a PhD in Information Systems from NYU. Mark currently resides in Tucson, AZ and has been Co-State Champion of Arizona twice. Chess is a difficult proposition to teach because it combines logic and imagination, but Mark believes that if logic is applied then imaginative ideas work better. This belief comes through in his teaching style and practices...

  • IM Thomas Rendle (2400)

    Videos Profil 630 Follower

    Thomas learned chess at the age of 5 and was immediately hooked. In 1999 he won the United Kingdom Schools Chess Challenge ahead of 35,000 other competitors and remins the youngest ever winner of the event. Thomas became an International Master in 2006 and got a GM norm at the 2007 Gibtelecom Masters where he finished 5th (along with Michael Adams and Ivan Sokolov). Thomas is now a regular chess coach with England at the World and European Youth Championships.

  • FM Mike Klein (2300)

    Videos Profil 26433 Follower

    Mike Klein began playing chess at the age of four in Charlotte, NC. In 1986, he lost to Josh Waitzkin at the National Championship featured in the movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer." In 1988, he won the K-3 National Championship, and eventually became North Carolina's youngest-ever master. In 1996, he won clear first for under-2250 players in the top section of the World Open. Mike has taught chess full-time for a dozen years in New York City and Charlotte, with his students and teams winning many national championships. He now works at Chess.com as the Director of Content.

  • IM Rusa Goletiani (2350)

    Videos Profil 17 Follower

    IM and WGM Rusa Goletiani is a three-time World Junior Champion. She is originally from the country Georgia but has lived in the U.S. for more than a decade. Shortly after arriving in New York, she won the Continental Women's Championship, and in 2005 was U.S. Women's Champion. She has represented the U.S. three times at the Chess Olympiad. The most successful trip was in 2008, when her team won the bronze medal and she won an individual silver medal. Rusa has taught chess for 13 years and in 2006 she co-founded the Westchester Chess Academy, where she teaches kids of all ages.

  • IM Konstantin Kavutskiy (2369)

    Videos Profil 842 Follower

    Kostya Kavutskiy is a professional chess author, journalist, coach, commentator and player. As a part of Chess.com's content team since 2009, Kostya has recorded lots of video lectures, covered elite tournaments, written instructive articles and blogs, and has done many live commentary shows for Chess TV. Kostya has also written a number of articles for Chess Life magazine and Chess Life Online, and is currently an instructor for Chess University. In 2015, Modernized: The Open Sicilian was released, which Kostya co-authored. Kostya won the 2014 Southern California Closed Championship, as well as achieving two IM norms. He currently resides in Mountain View, CA, and his plans to complete his IM title and then pursue the GM title.

  • IM djgwards (2408)

    Videos Profil 95 Follower

    Since learning chess at the age of 5, Teddy has been hooked. For most of his youth, he was top 10 for his age in the country, winning the K-4 Nationals and U12 Pan-American Games, playing in the US Cadets and Juniors, and representing the US three times in the World Youth Chess Championships. After graduating college, he took a year to play chess and earned the IM title at the age of 22. In recent years, he has been more of a spectator, yet he still loves teaching the game to kids, following top tournaments, and playing online.

  • WGM Camilla Baginskaite (2360)

    Videos Profil 187 Follower

    Women's Grandmaster Camilla Baginskaite learned to play chess from her father ate the age of eight in her home town of Vilnius, Lithuania. She earned the title of Women's Master at the age of 15, and went onto win the Girls Under 20 World Championship. She has competed in a total of seven chess Olympiads between Lithuania and the United States. She is a former U.S. Women's Champion, and continues to play at the highest levels of chess in the U.S. for women, while maintaining her family life and teaching chess.

  • IM Keaton Kiewra (2420)

    Videos Profil 534 Follower

    International Master Keaton Kiewra is a native of Lincoln, Nebraska - USA where he set multiple state records, including nine consecutive state championships. A professional chess instructor now, Keaton is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas, and he has trained with many of the best chess players in the United States. He offers chess lessons that you can find more about on his home profile page.

  • FM Alisa Melekhina (2152)

    Videos Profil 186 Follower

    Alisa Melekhina is a FIDE master with one International Master Norm. She has represented the US in numerous World Youth and Junior Championships, frequently placing in the top 10. She won the gold medal for her performance in the 2009 Women's World Team Championships in Ningbo, China. This May, Alisa will return to compete for the US Women's Championships in St. Louis. Alisa is in her third and final year of law school at the University of Pennsylvania, and will take the NY State Bar in July. She recently wrote an article for Chess Life Online on balancing law school and chess: http://www.uschess.org/content/view/12585/757/

  • IM Valeri Lilov (2443)

    Videos Profil 2282 Follower

    Valeri feels fortunate to have learned to play chess from his father when he was only three, immediately becoming seriously engaged. By the age of seven he was able to play blindfold chess in several games at the same time. At the age of eight, he achieved a record-breaking ELO of 1985, and subsequently became the European Individual School Chess Champion U10 in Moscow, Russia. He has won over 30 medals in national and international competitions, and in 2008 achieved his highest rating of 2443 and in 2013, the title of International master.

  • FM Elliott Liu (2356)

    Videos Profil 388 Follower

    April 25 is actually "Elliott Liu Day" in San Diego County! The young FIDE Master from San Diego earned that special distinction by winning the 2005 U.S. Cadet Championship, 2006 Pan-American Games U18, 2 IM norms, and playing in one U.S. Championship and three World Youth Championships. The 19-year old is just completing his freshman year at Stanford University.

  • GM Steven Zierk (2400)

    Videos Profil 158 Follower

    Steven Zierk won the 2010 World Under 18 Championship with 9.5/11, a full point ahead of his nearest competitor. This achievement earned him the International Master title. He has taught over half a dozen students: one achieved 5th in the 2010 World Under 10 Championship and 2nd in the 2012 World Under 12 Championship, and another later earned the IM title. Recently he has been representing Boston in the US Chess League with a performance rating over 2700 each of the last two years.

  • FM Todd Andrews (2337)

    Videos Profil 168 Follower

    Todd's tournament experience began with a bang, winning the u1200 section of his first tournament. In one year of feverish study and play he gained an unprecedented 1000 rating points. Since establishing himself as a strong master, he has turned to teaching, and found it extremely rewarding as well. He has also been quite successful: his students have won national championships.

  • IM Konstantin Kavutskiy (2260)

    Videos Profil 842 Follower

    Kostya Kavutskiy earned his FM title in 2011 and has been teaching chess, semi-professionally, for several years now. Apart from video lessons, he can be seen all over chess.com working on Chess Mentor, Chess TV, and more! Before joining the "official author team" on the main site, he's been making video lectures for Chess.com's YouTube Channel for sometime. He's also done quite a bit of writing for publications such as Chess Life Online and Chessbase, and even co-authored a chess book expected to be released Fall 2013.

  • FM Charles Galofre (2338)

    Videos Profil 147 Follower

    Charles picked up chess in middle school after his mother bought him what was then Chessmaster 7000. The one and only chess club in town was in an establishment previously owned by his father so needless to say he felt right at home. Locally, he excelled at the scholastic level going on to become Florida's K-12 Champion and Denker representative. He currently attends College where he plays Board two for one of our coutry's top chess teams.

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