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Who ever knew that a guinea pig could play chess? tongue.png

If you send me a PM, call it to my attention on the notes page

Thank you @DJM473 for a wonderful time in NARWHALS, we will miss you!

Hello to everyone reading this profile! I am a 16 yr old chess player, musician and small rodent lover, and there is nothing more I like to do than checkmate you (that's right Leon, I'm talking to you).

Friends: @Leon_Likes_Chess, @DJM473, @BoboTheFlyingSheep67, @Vicariously-I, @ezani, @LawrenceT2 (don't tell Lewis xD), @LewisTu (don't tell Lawrence happy.png), @Lord_Hammer. If I missed anyone, please notify me so I can update.

Favorite hobby: Trolling @Leon_Likes_Chess.

Things i'm good at (by ELO rating):

Daily (1400)

Chess (1700)

Trolling @Leon_Likes_Chess (3500)

Premove chess (100 xD)

If you are reading this as my opponent, then the openings I always lose to are the Bongcloud opening and the Duras Gambit tongue.png

If you are my friend, then I still won't tell you what my favorite openings are, because then Leon will use it to beat me!

A couple random definitions of words I found online:


a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person.

My 2 favorite clubs:



please join them both!

Leon's chess skill

not anything; no single thing.
having no prospect of progress; of no value.

My favorite game:

If anyone has read this far, thank you for taking the time to look at a titled patzer's profile. If @Leon_Likes_Chess is reading this, then plz don't be too mad happy.png